Our Coaches

Our Founder – Francis Fessler

Francis Fessler has dedicated his life to helping his clients be their best physically, mentally and emotionally. As a certified personal trainer and conditioning coach for the last 25 years, Francis has built a career by designing programs and coaching professional and amateur athletes, celebrities, business professionals, parents and children to achieve their wellness and fitness goals. He has created health protocols and designed nutritional programs for corporations, schools and athletic facilities and is a serial entrepreneur successfully launching businesses he is passionate about in cycling, wellness and fitness.

As a veteran of the Armed Forces and Desert Storm, Francis has always been on a mission to improve himself and help others achieve their goals. He has evaluated, tried and tested countless ‘diet and nutrition plans’ and could not find one that had consistent results for both women and men. His mission was to create the ideal wellness program not only for his clients, but for everyone and it needed to be simple, successful and sustainable. Francis created F2 Wellness and the highly successful F2 Weight Loss Program to lose the weight in 28.

Born in Iowa, Francis is a huge fan of the Hawkeyes and graduated from South East Missouri State with a degree in Kinesiology and Sports Medicine. He currently lives in Nashville with his wife, children and grandchildren. 

Bill Daly

Bill has always been a student of health and fitness. Even at a young age he competed in body building and learned the importance of exercise and nutrition. He also went on to play baseball, football and is still active in martial arts. His understanding of exercise and wellness helps him maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Bill became a certified physical therapist with a desire to help others and has rehabilitated hundreds of people, of varying ages and backgrounds, to successfully recover from injuries and surgeries. Bill’s physical therapy philosophy is one that focuses on the coaching and successful treatment of the client and not of the business of healthcare.

As a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Bill is highly qualified to counsel people about exercise and nutrition and enjoys helping individuals achieve their goals for a healthier lifestyle. Bill takes a wholistic approach for his clients and incorporates nutrition and wellness with a physical therapy routine.

Originally from Florida, Bill graduated from Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University with a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy In addition to working out and participating in martial arts, Bills' hobbies also include drumming, hiking, and reading. He currently lives in the Nashville area with his wife and daughter. 

Steven Morris

Steve is more than just your ordinary Personal Trainer or Fitness Expert. He is both an Exercise Specialist and a Health Coach with a Clinical Exercise background that enables him to understand and address chronic medical conditions and pre-existing conditions that might limit physical activity. This understanding gives Steve the ability to tailor specific exercise and nutrition programs based on individual needs and physical abilities.

Steve is the founder and president of Franklin Personal Fitness. He is a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Running and Endurance Coach and a Physical Fitness Specialist through The Cooper Institute.

Steve holds an Exercise Science Degree and has been in the fitness industry for almost two decades. Throughout his professional career, Steve has coached and trained a variety of individuals from different backgrounds and athletic abilities. These individuals include stay at home moms, corporate executives, physicians and the Military Elite.

His athletic background includes numerous 5k and 10k races. The Country Music Marathon (26.2) twice, Country Music Half Marathon (13.1), Tom King Half Marathon and Stump Jump 50k Trail Run (32.5) twice.

Steve is also a Veteran. He served his country as a Naval Officer and underwent training in the Special Forces Warfare Pipeline. Steve lives in Franklin, TN with his beautiful wife and two children. 

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