Client Testimonial

It really does work! I’ve been overweight, but otherwise very healthy, all my adult life without fail at my annual physical, my doctor said he’d like to see me lose twenty pounds or so. Easy for him to say, I always thought, but not so easy for me to do. I tried to make healthy food choices, avoiding high-fructose corn syrup, taking my salad dressing on the side, and such, but it didn’t help. I always told myself that if someone would just tell me exactly what to eat, I could lose the weight, and that’s just what F2 Wellness and Francis did. I lost 20.2 pounds on his 28 Day program, and my weight is still going down. Not only did he tell me what to eat, he taught me how to choose the right foods for ongoing weight loss and, once I reach my goal weight, how to maintain that while still being able to make unhealthy choices occasionally.

– Debbie